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Thermal Imaging

BAT have an experienced ITC Level 3 Certified Thermographer who undertakes building Thermal Imaging Surveys in accordance with BS EN 13187:1999 to enable clients to achieve BREEAM credits. The surveys include the digital imaging of the building, a Thermal Imaging scan of the whole of the building fabric and the production of an appropriate detailed report.

In addition to achieving BREEAM credits, Thermal Imaging can be a useful tool to identify air leakage paths in buildings where the Air Permeability is so low (e.g. below 3m³/hr.m²) that it makes smoke testing difficult: especially where air is leaking from a multitude of locations in such low concentrations that smoke is not clearly visible. Normally carried out in conjunction with a negative pressure test, whilst the Thermal Imaging camera cannot see cold air it can see the effect that warm or cold air flow is having on the adjacent surfaces.