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Domestic Ventilation Testing

BAT have engineers who are qualified under the NICEIC Competence scheme for commissioning of Domestic Ventilation Systems.

Ventilation has always been an essential element in the construction of new and existing buildings and this has become a central issue because of the improvements in the air tightness of buildings. Older homes have natural ventilation through gaps and cracks in the building fabric, leading to the building becoming draughty. Having effective ventilation in a building allows for a constant flow of fresh air to enter the building, removing pollutant air, moisture and prevent build up of harmful Radon gas from the building.

Building Regulations Part F was introduced in 2010 to test the practicality and performance of ventilation in new build dwellings, and to measure performance of installed systems. Many installed systems prior to this had been found to be inadequate and now the air flow at each terminal needs to be measured and assessed against the targets in Part F. As BAT employ experienced air leakage test engineers, we are well placed to undertake the testing of ventilation systems, and this testing can be carried out on the same visit as an air test or Sound Test.