BREEAM is the UK’s leading sustainability assessment method.  BAT can support contractors undertaking construction projects by providing services allowing Thermal Imaging BREEAM credits to be achieved.  Whilst the scope of the work is essentially the same for each BREEAM edition, the presentation of the information may differ slightly.

In the Management Category of BREEAM Sustainability a single credit is available where a Thermographic Survey of the building fabric is is undertaken in accordance with the appropriate standard by a professional holding a valid Level 2 Certificate in thermography as defined by the UK Thermography Association UKTA. BAT have an experienced professional thermographer, who has held a Level 2 Certificate since 2011 and a Level 3 Certificate since 2016.

A temperature difference of 10°C between the inside and outside of the building is required for a period of at least half a day. This is usually achieved overnight, utilising the buildings heating system, with the survey being undertaken around dawn to prevent the sun on the building facades affecting the survey.