L2 Commercial - Temporary Sealing of Ventilation Services

Possibly the most important part of a test on a complex commercial building is the sealing up of the buildings supply and extract ventilation systems.

Vast experience and knowledge of sealing up the most complex M&E.

BAT operatives can inspect buildings ventilation system and advise accordingly on how best to seal up the building ready for the air leakage test. If the ventilation is not sealed up satisfactorily sealed then the air leakage result will turn out worse than expected therefore its important to get the temporary sealing right.     

BAT operatives are experienced at sealing up all kinds of ventilation and are holders of IPAF licences to drive MEWPS to get those high and out of reach louvers.  

For complex buildings it is likely we will need to inspect the building  to provide and accurate quote otherwise all prices will be given as day rates and estimated costs.  Contact our office to arrange and inspection.

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