As a long-standing airtightness testing organisation established in 2006, and with our engineers having a varied background in the construction industry, BAT have a great deal of both practical and theoretical expertise in construction matters which helps inform our holistic approach to airtightness consultancy. This enables BAT to provide cradle to grave airtightness project consultancy if required.

BAT undertake drawing design review audits to examine proposals for the formation of the building air barrier layer before construction is started on site, advising where issues may arise in good time for them to be appropriately addressed.

We also attend airtightness workshops with the professional team and specialist sub-contractors, scrutinising drawings and considering the proposed materials, buildability and continuity of the air barrier layer. This enables us to clarify to the Specialist Sub-Contractors their responsibilities and work out effective sequencing and interfacing between Sub-Contractors.

Site inspection visits during the course of the works are also an invaluable tool, enabling BAT engineers to utilise their varied experience on a wide variety of constructions to consider the airtightness interfaces and elements being built. These visits enable the construction to be examined and defects which may later be concealed by subsequent finishes to be identified and rectified before the project is too far advanced and the defects either get built-in or hidden.