L2 Commercial - Air Leakage Testing of Schools, Offices, Distribution Centres, Retail Units, Supermarkets and many more.

BAT are Accredited by UKAS to carry out air leakage tests to any commercial building in accordance with ATTMA TS1 and TSL2.

We have the experience and equipment to test any building.

BAT have the equipment necessary to test small retail units up to distribution centres across the UK. We always aim to be as flexible and helpful on the test date to cause minimal disruption on site. If a test unfortunately fails to meet the required leakage target then BAT staff have the experience and knowledge to track down leakage paths through the building envelope and normally retest on the same day. 

Our accreditation by UKAS and ATTMA membership means that you can be assured that all of our staff, equipment and procedures will provide you with a result you can trust is accurate and valid. If the building you are working on is complex and contains extensive ventilation systems you may wish to enquire about our consultancy services and temporary sealing services.

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