Air tightness, Air Leakage and Air Pressure Testing, Bristol & UK wide.

BAT are specialist Construction Consultants who are accredited by UKAS and members of ATTMA to undertake air tightness, air leakage and air pressure testing services relating to Part L Air tightness and Part E Acoustic separation of buildings. Based in Bristol we provide air and acoustic testing services throughout the UK

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We offer cost effective consultancy advice on materials and detailing at early design stages to enable changes to be made to the design before mistakes are made on site. At the Construction stage we work with the Design Team and Building Contractors to ensure that the building has the best chance of passing the Air Leakage Testing criteria first time.

We also pride ourselves that should your building fail to achieve the necessary air tightness our experienced trained staff endeavour to track and identify the problems and retest often at no additional cost whilst we are at site in order to achieve a satisfactory result.

Our accreditation by UKAS and ATTMA membership means that unlike most L1 Domestic air pressure testing companies we can also provide air pressure testing for Commercial Buildings to Part L2 and undertake Acoustic Sound insulation testing to BS EN ISO 140 for Building Regulations Part E.

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